A look at the 1863 battlefield in the wilderness of spotsylvania

Attackers could only thrash noisily and blindly forward through the underbrush, perfect targets for the concealed defenders. Early settlers in the area had cut down the native forests to fuel blast furnaces that processed the iron ore found there, leaving what was mainly a secondary growth of dense shrubs.

By moving south on the Brock Road, he hoped to reach the crossroads at Spotsylvania Court House, which would interpose his army between Lee and Richmond, forcing Lee to fight on ground more advantageous to the Union army.

Wilson had reached and occupied the town of Spotsylvania Court House at 8 a. Please read the articles over at Mysteries and Conundrums to get the whole gist of this discussion. On the western leg, Maj. The combat they had endured for almost 24 hours was characterized by an intensity of firepower never previously seen in Civil War battles, as the entire landscape was flattened, all the foliage destroyed.

Not only was the V Corps unable to take its objective, it had also failed to draw Confederate troops from elsewhere in the line, as Grant had intended. But he assumed that the corps of Sedgwick, Warren, and Hancock could hold back any potential Confederate advance until the supply trains came up, at which time Grant could move forward to engage in a major battle with Lee, presumably at Mine Run.

This sector of the line, where the heaviest fighting of the day would occur, became known as the "Bloody Angle. Field on the left and Brig. A section of Union artillery was able to advance close to the Confederate lines and cause numerous casualties. As each II Corps division arrived, Hancock sent it forward to assist, bringing enough combat power to bear that Lee was forced to commit his reserves, the division commanded by Maj.

And, unlike May 12, they were not caught by surprise, nor had they sent their artillery away. If this came to pass, he wanted to follow up with an immediate attack.

Federal commanders were forced to rely upon maps, which soon proved thoroughly unreliable. I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer. Wilson sent a brigade under Col.

Walker the Stonewall Brigade.

Battle of the Wilderness

Although Johnston was wounded, his brigade halted the breakthrough in that sector. Warren ordered an artillery section into Saunders Field to support his attack, but it was captured by Confederate soldiers, who were pinned down and prevented by rifle fire from moving the guns until darkness.

As the majority of the new recruits fled from the terrors of combat, the old veterans of the brigade attempted to hold their ground and eventually were forced to retreat against overwhelming odds. Casualty estimates for the Battle of the Wilderness Source.

Horace Lacy, was used as the headquarters of Gouverneur Warren. General Lee was at the scene to witness these men moving forward and, similar to his action at the Widow Tapp farm in the Battle of the Wildernesshe attempted to move forward with the men, only to be stopped by Gordon and chants from the men, "Lee to the rear!

Fighting was even more intense than the day before, with stifling smoke and fog that forced soldiers to fire blind, with little idea at whom they were aiming.

Basic Information

With orders from Sheridan to withdraw and with Confederate infantry in hot pursuit, Wilson withdrew up the Fredericksburg Road. Three trails begin in downtown Fredericksburg and explore different aspects of the battle. Speed was of the essence to the plan because the army was vulnerably stretched thin as it moved.Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park preserves four Virginia battlefields that witnessed some of the bloodiest fighting of the Civil War.

Fought over an 18–month span from tothese battles resulted incasualties. Forty-three men received the Medal of Honor during the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, including Frederick Alber, George W.

Harris, John C. Robinson, and Charles H. Tracy. Battlefield preservation. Portions of the Spotsylvania Court House battlefield are now preserved as part of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.

The Wilderness Battlefield and Spotsylvania Battlefield feature only open-air exhibit shelters and are unstaffed for much of the year. Check our Operating Hours and Seasons to make sure you catch us! Our visitor centers each offer a minute orientation film, exhibits, and staff who can provide brochures and guidance.

Historic Ellwood Home / Historic Ellwood Ellwood Manor, a circa home located on the Wilderness Battlefield in the Virginia counties of Spotsylvania and Orange, is significant to the nation because of the role the house and grounds played during the American Civil War.

The cultivated fields of Ellwood Manor look out over the Wilderness Battlefield of The sun rises in a gun-smoked filled forest in Mosley, Virginia Pogue’s Guns at the Widow Tapp Farm Nov 06,  · Watch video · Battle of the Wilderness: Union Offensive Begins; Battle of the Wilderness: First Day; Battle of the Wilderness: Second Day; Battle of the Wilderness: Grant’s Refusal to Retreat; The Battle of the Wilderness marked the first stage of a major Union offensive toward the Confederate capital of Richmond, ordered by the newly.

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A look at the 1863 battlefield in the wilderness of spotsylvania
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