Advantages of girl child education

A review of studies indicates that school-based AIDS education programs are effective in reducing early sexual activity and high-risk behaviour. About 57million children around the world are not going to school.

Children or kids start going to school to get the primary or elementary education. There are also some notable advantages of women education. There are various prestigious institutions in our country for providing quality education. A country analysis finds that doubling the proportion of women with a secondary education would reduce average fertility rates from 5.

She always tries to dominate her husband. Siddharth Pani Member Level: What are the disadvantage of Sex Education? These adults also get health and hygiene related education.

What are the disadvantages of sex education? The more people who are educated regardless of sex, religion, color the more benefit it brings for all human beings. They say that the proper sphere of girls is the home.

However this also applies to gay or bisexualstudents in single sex schools. She is a source of comfort to her husband in times of trouble.

But there is still some way to go. What type of is required for selecting a better B-School and seeking admission into it forms the subject matter of this present dissertation.

Many parents also prefer to have daughters taught by women. My experience of students from single sex schools is that they tendto be out of touch with life and very focused on their educationbut as soon as they are out of full time education they tend tostay out of touch with life and do not have the skills necessary toconverse and relate with the opposite sex.

With the advancement of science and technology, our needs have increased. There are many advantages of privatization of education includingbeing able to supply children with more individual care. An educated girl understands her duties well.

Therefore, general education should aim at educating all students up to the secondary standard. One advantage of educational technology is the fact that people canget an education in different places. Co-Ed Students however do get very distracted by members of the opposite sex, and it is possible that their education suffers because of this.


Education gives a woman freedom of thought. Some part of the culture of India supports education in women and some do not. We become more aware about ourself, about the society, about everything that surrounds and affect our life.

A modern, educated wife, due to her love for fashion and expensive habits is often a financial burden for her poor husband. If a woman is educated, she can earn a living after the death of her husband.

Preparation for school -- Girls do best when they receive early childhood care, which enhances their self-esteem and prepares them for school. Our education begins at home. She will tell a delegation of more than young people: She can maintain family budget and expenses.

Educated girls can brighten the future of their country by the good upbringing of their children.

Girls' education: A lifeline to development

They should also avoid reproducing gender stereotypes. Would you like to merge this question into it? Educated women are self-dependent, and looked upon with dignity.

Read this article to understand the ins and outs of female education.The Benefits of Education. Girls and boys who learn to read, write and count will provide a better future for their families and countries.

With improved education, so many other areas are positively affected. In short, education has the power to make the world a better place. Children of educated mothers are more likely to be.

What are the disadvantages of girl education? What is girl child education and its advantages and disadvantages? I am completely against that as well, being a girl and all.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Woman education

There are million girls living in the developing world. Two-thirds of the world's uneducated children are girls, and two-thirds of the world's illiterate adults are women.

The Challenge Today

Around the world, girls and women continue to suffer from a lack of economic opportunity, inadequate health care and education, early marriage, sexual violence, and discrimination. Girls’ education leads to increased income, both for individuals and nations as a whole Providing girls one extra year of education beyond the average boosts eventual wages by 10 to 20 per cent.

Supply side and demand side may cause in disadvantages of girls in education. Distance is associated with direct transportation costs as well as opportunity costs, since more time spent traveling to and from school implies less time before or after the school day for the child to contribute labor to the household.

Sep 25,  · The WBG recognizes that in order to fully realize the benefits of educating girls and women, countries need to address the multiple sources of disadvantage that many girls and women face, including cultural biases and access to economic and social opportunities, as well as services, such as health care.

Girls Education and Child Marriage in.

Advantages of girl child education
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