Advantages of rainy season

The rainy season in Okinawa usually will start a month earlier than the mainland. During these rainy seasons it rains hard 24 hours a day non-stop and the roofs of practically every building leak, some so badly several rooms flood before the rain stops and carpets and wallboard grow thick mold!

April is the very beginning of the rainy season in Thailand, when the monsoonal winds start to come in from the southwest. Advantages and Disadvantages of rainy season? Yes Phoenix actually has 2 rainy seasons during the year.

The weather is tropical in the south of Vietnam. In the rainy season there are air borne diseases and water borne diseases. Be flexible enough to change your plans so you can avoid anywhere where the weather may have taken a dangerous turn.

May is often a wet month, and June, July and August also have a high chance of showers. These clouds release rain, which rehydrates the land and air.

Raincan fall at any time of year, however, and normally comes in short,heavy showers, often followed by sun. Scientists are also looking at ways to produce rain by seeding clouds. Rainy season in Southeast Asia is also the best time to witness farmers working, cultivating rice in the green fields and to see the spectacular, verdant green rice terraces.

Does Vietnam have a rainy season?

A "rainy season" begins in May or June and extends through Novemberor December, with the heaviest rains in September and October. Rain cools air that has been overheated by sunlight, rehydrating dry leaves and grasses as well as feeding them. Other health problems experienced during rainy season include asthma, arthritis, skin diseases, cold cough, sneeze, phlegmetc.

The rainy season in Okinawa usually will start a month earlier than the mainland. Is this the rainy season in Thailand? The northern part of the country is monsoonal with a hot, rainy season from mid-May to Mid-September.

My Experience of traveling in the rainy season in Southeast Asia I traveled Southeast Asia many times and personally I actually much preferred traveling in the rainy season than in the hot season.

Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting regions to travel in the world.

The Advantages Of Rainy Season

Waterfalls gush, flowers bloom and jungles are luscious. Whilst November starts off wet, it then begins to dry out.Well now that we're into rainy season I thought I'd write up a comparative list of the relative advantages and disadvantages to this for our readers who don't live in the tropics DISADVANTAGES: ºThe swarms of flies and mosquitoes.

ºThe more frequent power outtages. ºIt takes days for your freshly washed clothes to dry on the line.

Tips for Traveling in the Rainy Season in Southeast Asia

Advantages Of Rainy Season. The wet season, monsoon season or rainy season is the time of year when most of a region's average annual rainfalloccurs. It usually lasts one or more term "green season" is also sometimes used as aeuphemism by tourist authorities.

Now, if you carefully plan a trip before booking rooms and purchasing tickets, you'll see have much you can save. Advantages Of Rainy Season are.

Jan 07,  · Best Answer: Advantages: 1. Rain water infiltrates in to the ground and ground water table rises that can be used for irrigation purposes.

What Are Some Advantages of Rain?

2. Rain keeps the dew balance in to the atmosphere which balances the weather. 3. About 90% of the world's Status: Resolved. Advantages your plants get water and you don't have to fill up your pools. if you have a water tank you can fill it up. Advantages of traveling in the rainy season in Southeast Asia.

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The rainy season puts of many tourists meaning that this period is also the low season. Rainy season in Southeast Asia means less tourists, fewer crowds and lower prices.

Advantages of rainy season
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