An analysis of the value of strength in the epic of beowulf

Although the now elderly king insists on taking on the dragon alone, he brings along the 11 in case he needs them. After rough seas drove them apart, Beowulf spent the rest of the fifth night fighting vicious water monsters, killing nine.

After Hygelac is killed in an ill-advised raid on Frisia, Beowulf makes a heroic escape ff. Wiglaf calls to the others in vain. His reputation intact, Beowulf prepares to meet Grendel and further enhance his fame. Beowulf knew that he was braver than the other men, and his confidence allowed him to defeat the monsters when no one else could even face them.

When she serves mead in Heorot, it is an act of propriety and diplomacy, attending first to her king and then to various guests, paying special attention to Beowulf. In his final test, the burden of loyalty will rest on other, younger shoulders. He is an impressive-looking man. Revenge Revenge serves as a motivating factor for several characters throughout the poem, initially stirring Grendel and his mother.

A Character Analysis Shows What Made Hrothgar an Epic Hero At first it appears that Hrothgar failed as a warrior king because he was unable to defend his people from Grendel and his Mother, but in fact the king showed great wisdom a virtue by understanding that he was now an old king, not the great warrior he used to be.

He comments on the workings of Fate Wyrdsaying that it saved him but only because it was not his time and because he had fought courageously.

Although he was the stronger, he would not abandon Breca. To Aristotle courage was a virtue because a person who acts in such a way in neither reckless nor cowardly.

He already has a favorable reputation, but he is eager for more achievements that will add to his good name. The code of the comitatus is at the heart of the Beowulf epic.

The Heroic Qualities of Beowulf Hubris can sometimes help a person do amazing things. The extremes represent either a lack or an excess of the trait said to be virtuous. Grendel is a descendant of Cain, the biblical son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy Genesis 4.

He remains composed and in control, despite his youth. When Beowulf goes after her in the mere, she has the added advantage of fighting him in her own territory. As she drags him into her cave beneath the lake, her revenge peaks because this is the very man who killed her son.

Conversely, a truly virtuous person would be able to moderate themselves and act in a way that is in between these two extremes and exhibit courage.

Beowulf Characteristics

Beowulf is huge and strong. When it is apparent that Beowulf is losing the battle to the dragon, however, all but one of his men run and hide in the woods.

As he dies, Beowulf passes the kingdom on to the brave and loyal Wiglaf. Reputation Another motivating factor for Beowulf — and a central theme in the epic — is reputation.

Hrothgar exhibited great moderation in his character. Within this world of heroic struggle, however, fame is more than that. The society of 8th century Germanic culture was anchored by a warrior-king culture that demanded unequivocal bravery and strength from rulers who were the defenders of their people from all outside forces.An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - The Style of Beowulf The Style of Beowulf A consideration of the stylistic features in the classic poem Beowulf involves a study of the poetic verse, the vocabulary, alliteration, litotes, simile, kennings, variation and double-meaning or ambiguity.

Beowulf's first great exploit during the epic (we're not counting his swimming contest with Breca, which we only see in flashback) is a combination of strength and skill: incredible strength, with which he clamps down on Grendel's arm, and skill in wrestling, with which he finds a joint-lock in which to hold the demon.

What are three examples of Beowulf's superhuman strength throughout the story?

The instances showing Beowulf's superhuman strength are regularly expounded upon by the poet, who not only describes the feat, but mentions how no other single man could complete the task. Beowulf Is Widely Considered an Epic Hero. The characters of every story typically exhibit generalized traits that are collectively called archetypes.

the traits of an archetype combine with events in the story to convey to the reader a. 'Beowulf' is a medieval tale in poetic form that demonstrates elements of the heroic code, loyalty to the king, and above all, the strength of the main character, Beowulf.

Beowulf’s personal characteristics include the heroic traits of loyalty, honor, bravery, faith, and superhuman strength. He demonstrates his .

An analysis of the value of strength in the epic of beowulf
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