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The Tet offensive saw the antiwar movement gain momentum, and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This helped to counter virulent nationalism even if it failed to ease cold war tensions.

Although America had led television ownership, Europeans rapidly adopted television in the decades spanning the mids to the mids. How did various countries try to alleviate or avoid cold war tensions between the superpowers? More women worked outside the home during these years to pay for the prolonged economic dependence of children who attended school into their twenties.

Leave the right hand column blank where as we will do that together in September. Rock music replaced romantic ballads and celebrated youthful rebellion against adult culture. In the Soviet Union, Khrushchev pushed de-Stalinization further by reducing the privileges of Communist officials, although he was ousted in Heavy investments in education and research were key to running postindustrial society.

The key concepts for Period 6 are as followed: What were some of the important developments in music and the visual arts during this time? The popular use of birth control allowed Western culture to be saturated with highly sexualized music, literature, and journalism without a corresponding rise in the birthrate, proof of the increasing separation of sexuality from reproduction.

Television also made it increasingly important for politicians to cultivate a successful media image. His successors loosened cultural restrictions, allowing Soviet scientists to participate in meetings with Westerners and tolerating dissident artists.

The community and family norms of traditional societies no longer possessed the influence they once did, and the growing availability of effective birth control devices—particularly the birth control pill—meant that young people were sexually active earlier with less risk of pregnancy.

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What were the main principles of neoliberalism? He withdrew French forces from NATO, and signed trade agreements with the Soviet bloc, thereby offering an alternative to passive obedience to the superpowers.

Mark Zuckerberg takes on Elon Musk in the race to bring the internet to the entire world

Although the space race grew out of cold war hostilities and involved national rivalries, it, along with other interlocking space, computer, and information technology systems, depended on a great deal of international cooperation.

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Germany: No Preparations Made in Case of Alien Landing

As expected, activist confrontations with authority grew. A variety of social protests exploded worldwide inchanging the style and direction of political activism in Western societies.

Opposition to the Vietnam War and the advocacy of civil rights became the most popular rallying points for movements, especially among students.AP Euro Summer Assignment AP EURO SUPPLEMENTAL READS AP Euro Unit 8: The Cold War Unit 9: Motivation, Emotion, and Stress Unit 9: Motivation, Emotion, and Stress Space Race PiktoChart: Create a Piktochart highlighting 5 of the most important events within the history of the Space Race!!!

(Drop it by Monday 5/1). Welcome to APUSHII! Your tasks this summer will revolve around the Period 6 () section of the AP curriculum. The key concepts for Period 6 are as followed. The AP European History Exam that you will be taking in early May of is a three hour exam that costs $ and will determine if you get college credit.

A good grade on the exam is worth 6 college credits! AP Euro The Cold War. STUDY. PLAY. the superpowers.

United States and the Soviet Union. civil war in Greece. the space race, and early events of the Vietnamese war. Berlin Wall. Inthe Soviet Union built a high barrier to seal off their sector of Berlin in order to stop the flow of refugees out of the Soviet zone of Germany. The wall.

Being the market dominator in the space since the launch of the brand. Large R &D centre which enables the company to introduce new product variations. Video: The Space Race: Definition, History & Timeline. The Space Race: AP European History: Help and Review; AP European History: Homework Help Resource.

Ap euro scrap book spce race
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