Axa business plan plus policy summary includes

Annuity Quarterly Statements Mailed to annuity contract owners on any calendar quarter in which there was a financial transaction and at calendar year-end.

All of your available documents are stored for you online whenever you need them. Note that if you purchase a new life insurance policy or annuity contract subsequent to enrolling in Electronic Delivery, that policy will not automatically be enrolled for Electronic Delivery.

If an e-mail is returned to us as "undeliverable", we will send you a letter by U. If you are unable to reach us by telephone, you should send a written transfer or allocation change request to our administrative office.

Pending requests can be cancelled prior to 4: Selecting the appropriate choice from the menu displayed. From the Portfolio Summary screen, using the drop down menu next to the policy number, select "Transfer Funds" and follow the instructions provided.

You agree to receive certain documents "electronically" and to stop receiving paper copies of these documents through the U. Related Communications We will also advise you of investment option changes, managerial changes or other changes to your investment portfolios as they occur.

During registration, clients are asked to accept our Online Services Agreement.

Commercial Lines Products

You always retain your right to receive paper copies, and you may withdraw your consent for electronic delivery at any time. Mail We will notify you via e-mail anytime a document becomes available for viewing on our website The e-mail notification will contain a link to our home page and provide you with the quickest route to view your documents, behind a secure login Did this answer your question?

You will be mailed a Confirmation Notice, which will provide the details of your request. In these situations, a message will appear on the enrollment screen, noting that a particular policy or contact is "Paperless Delivery not Available".

For special ownership arrangements, such as Joint Owners, Trustee Owners, Corporate Owners, online enrollment for our Electronic Delivery service is not available at this time. Assistance is readily available during business hours.

SmartCare SME Plus

In any of these communications we may include other important information that impacts your life or annuity contract, such as policy or contract endorsements. From the eStatements page, select the "Sign up for eDelivery" or "Delivery Preferences" link to update your elections.

These statements provide account information, including investment performance information and current account values by investment option. You must select the eDelivery preferences for that policy by selecting "Delivery Preferences" from the eStatements page.

We recommend you use a browser that supports bit encryption. Mail at any time.

SmartPlan Office

Properly completed written requests received at the Processing Office are processed first. From the Portfolio Summary, select "Make A Payment" from the dropdown menu next to the policy number. The letter also advises that if you are unable to access the document electronically, you should call our customer service team at to request that we mail you a paper copy.

Account Access

If your request is valid according to the terms and conditions of your Product, then the change will be reflected on our records with the completion of our valuation update.Account information is generally updated after the close of every business day.

In, this information will normally be available after a refresh is completed at 4 AM ET. Use the Personal Settings menu on the Portfolio Summary in to make changes to your profile information. Online account access. AXA Singapore SmartCare SME Plus is a comprehensive employee benefit plan to protect your employee’s welfare while maintaining healthy & competitive business.

Includes a premier Plan 1 for those looking for superior coverage. A product summary for the insurance plan is available and may be obtained from AXA Insurance Pte Ltd and the. offer a wide range of insurance and financial products to meet your business and personal needs.

Our commitment is to deliver our products with consistent AXA provides products that help people to get the best out of life. Our products and services include: Business Insurance, Home and Motor Insurance, includes but is not limited to. Plan Fee Disclosure For Services Provided by AXA Equitable This document includes important information intended to comply with plan participants AXA Equitable services on its recordkeeping system for the year plus an associated profit assumption for the business.

The estimate is based on data and has been calculated across all plans. Business Plan Plus Policy Wording Business Plan Plus Summary of Cover Our Business Plan Plus Package is suitable for manufacturers and wholesalers with: Turnover up to £5, Get the right cover for your business. AXA Business Insurance is designed to keep your business running, whatever lies ahead.

When business planning, remember to plan your business' legacy too. You can view our privacy policy here/5(K).

Axa business plan plus policy summary includes
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