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What we would like Cafs flashcards have but can live without Needs acronym and word for each letter SHE SEAS safety and security, health, education, sense of identity, employment, adequate standard of living Reasons for group formation Common goals, interests, beliefs, thoughts, geographic Democratic leadership style Collaborative leaders work together to achieve goals Autocratic leadership style Task orientated, command orders from other group members Lassiez-faire Laid back approach, have to be highly motivated in order to complete a task Transformational leadership style.

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Made with caution, may have trouble making decision due to lack of confidence in what the outcome may be Confident decision making style? Alternatives have been identified, outcomes wisely evaluated to ensure best decision has been Cafs flashcards Rational decision making style?

Cousins, uncles and aunties etc Define a foster family structure Couple that welcomes a child into their home for as long as needed Define a nuclear family structure Married couple with biological children together Define a same-sex couple family structure May adopt or foster children in order to have a family Define a sole parent family structure A single parent who plays Cafs flashcards roles of the mother and father full time Define a kinship family structure Relations based on common ancestors.

Characteristics of an aggressive effective communication style - stand up for their rights - dominate - can be defensive Characteristics of an assertive effective communication style - stand up for own rights - recognise rights of others - mutual respect - cautious of others feelings Characteristics of a passive effective communication style - ignore own rights to ensure others are satisfied - do not state own needs, ideas or feelings - emotionally dishonest with themselves to be seen as polite Factors affecting access to resources acronym?

Organisation that specialised in a specific area of need E. An aboriginal tribe Formal support network? Something in which you may trade or exchange. A kinship family may live with all their family e. Child care, school, medical centres Informal support network? Skills, abilities or talents of people Define non-human resources Tangible or touchable objects What is an Interchangeable resources?

Managing the use of resources that may run out over time. An individual being assisted my someone such as a family member or friend 3 influences on socialisation Well being acronym and the word for each letter SPEECS social, physical, economic, emotional, cultural, spiritual Define wellbeing The level of satisfaction an individual experiences when needs are met Define need Things that are essential for every day living Define wants Desires or preferences.

Spontaneous, without considering alternatives or outcomes Intuitive decision making style?

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Impulsive decision making style? May have step or half related siblings Define a childless family structure A couple who does not have children.

Based on instinct, inner feeling, what feels right Hesitant decision making style?Study 27 Parenting and Caring flashcards flashcards from Rachael C. on StudyBlue. Learn faster with Brainscape on your web, iPhone, or Android device. Study Georgina Whittaker 's CAFS flashcards now!

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