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The universality and unity of God, the omnipotence of the mind of man, the equality of human beings and the duty of internal purity, is either asserted by Pythagoras, Plato, Diogenes, Zeno, and their followers, or may be directly inferred from their assertions.

In this respect, the fowls of the air and the lilies of the field are examples for the imitation of mankind. He descants upon its insufficiency as a code of moral conduct, which it professed to be, and absolutely selects the law of retaliation as an instance of the absurdity and immorality of its institutions.

There is a time when we shall neither be heard or be seen by the multitude of beings like ourselves by whom we have been so long surrounded. All the arguments which have been brought forward to justify retribution fail, when retribution is destined neither to operate as an example to other agents, nor to the offender himself.

That those who are pure in heart shall see God, and that virtue is its own reward, may be considered as Christianity and life essay assertions. How abundant will not be your progress in all that truly ennobles and extends human nature! The way we develop our worldview is the values, attitudes, habits you develop, characteristics, and background in order to become a Christian we uplift others and bring god upon our life to help others who are down and need to find faith and love in their life.

The perfection of the human and the divine character is thus asserted to be the same. It cannot be precisely ascertained in Christianity and life essay degree Jesus Christ accommodated his doctrines to the opinions of his auditors; or in what degree he really said all that he is related to have said.

Let him be aware of his own worth, and the station which he occupies in the scale of moral beings. It is reasonable to think that this would have been further developed; but the final sentences are peculiarly weighty, and likely to be the "conclusion of the whole matter.

The interests, therefore, of truth require that an orator should, as far as possible, produce in his hearers that state of mind on which alone his exhortations could fairly be contemplated and examined. In fact, truth cannot be communicated until it is perceived.

The dogma of the equality of mankind has been advocated with various success, in different ages of the world. Such as these shall see God. Men shall die, and their bodies shall rot under the ground; all the organs through which their knowledge and their feelings have flowed, or in which they have originated, shall assume other forms, and become ministrant to purposes the most foreign from their former tendencies.

Their imaginations of a happier state of human society were referred, in truth, to the Saturnian period; they ministered, indeed, to thoughts of despondency and sorrow. Whosoever is no deceiver or destroyer of his fellow men—no liar, no flatterer, no murderer may walk among his species, deriving, from the communion with all which they contain of beautiful or of majestic, some intercourse with the Universal God.

Such reasonings, and the impetuous feelings arising from them, have armed nation against nation, family against family, man against man.


He has left no written record of himself, and we are compelled to judge from the imperfect and obscure information which his biographers persons certainly of very undisciplined and undiscriminating minds have transmitted to posterity. An established religion turns to deathlike apathy the sublimest ebullitions of most exalted genius, and the spirit-stirring truths of a mind inflamed with the desire of benefiting mankind.

God is faithful, loving, merciful, graceful, good, holy, and righteous. We die, says Jesus Christ; and, when we awaken from the languor of disease, the glories and the happiness of Paradise are around us.

Once make the feelings of confidence and of affection universal, and the distinctions of property and power will vanish; nor are they to be abolished without substituting something equivalent in mischief to them, until all mankind shall acknowledge an entire community of rights.

Jesus Christ foresaw what the poets retrospectively imagined. Every fanatic or enemy of virtue is not at liberty to misrepresent the greatest geniuses and most heroic defenders of all that is valuable in this mortal world.

These constitute the essential and distinctive character of every human being; to which every action and every word have intimate relation; and by which, in depicting a character, the genuineness and meaning of these words and actions are to be determined. What is your purpose?

All that his own perverse propensities will permit him to receive, that God abundantly pours forth upon him. Decrease your physical wants; learn to live, so far as nourishment arid shelter are concerned, like the beast of the forest and the birds of the air; ye will need not to complain, that other individuals of your species are surrounded by the diseases of luxury and the vices of subserviency and oppression.

Thus mankind is governed by precedents for actions which were never, or are no longer, useful and deluded by the pretensions of any bold impostor He is neither the Proteus nor the Pan of the material world. Such is the doctrine which Jesus Christ summoned his whole resources of persuasion to oppose.

And this is to be done, not because it is supposed and the supposition would be sufficiently detestable that the moral nature of the sufferer would be improved by his tortures—it is done because it is just to be done.Life and Teachings of Jesus; Introduction to Christianity; Christianity in America; The Christian Experience; Issues for Christians in America; Timelines.

Christianity in the World; Christianity in America; Christianity in Greater Boston; Directory of Religious Centers: Christianity. Christianity and Life After Death Essay Words | 3 Pages Christianity and Life After Death Life after death is an essential part of the Christian religion.

Abortion Controversy in the Christian Life. Essay - Abortion Controversy in the Christian Life. [tags: christianity, religious norms, pregnancy, medicine] Strong Essays words ( pages) Essay on Living An Authentic Christian Life.

Christianity Essay The religion my group is covering is Christianity.

Christianity and Life Essay Sample

Christianity is one of the biggest and widest spread religions in the world. It was founded by Jesus Christ and his 12 Apostles. Christianity life, how to make the best of it, what happens afterwards, and if there is anyone or anything "out there".

Aborting a child is considered as destroying a life. Christianity and majority of individuals in a society views this as being morally wrong. Abortion is wrong for many reasons but mainly for murdering a living organism inside of you. Christianity Essay The religion my group is covering is Christianity.

Christianity is one of the biggest. Christianity is a way of life me back home because it's the most popular religion in my country.

Christianity was first brought to our country by the England, who would colonize our country. This essay will be looking at Christianity and Sikhism and how the core values of each of these religions compare to each other.

Firstly looking at a.

Christianity and life essay
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