Dissertations on environment

Technology Off The Grid — A dissertation on how to power technology, like computers, cellular phones and other gadgets using only alternative energy sources. Developing a way to create artificial coral reefs in a short space of time can greatly decrease the carbon dioxide content of the air and in so doing reduce global temperatures.

Crayne, Jennifer University of Oregon, What are middle school science teachers teaching their students about climate change? Make things interesting to encourage yourself to finish faster. Humans require clean water to drink and so we treat our water supply with many agents to purify it for our consumption.

Show how this form of pollution is just as concerning as any other here on Earth. Shtob, Daniel University of Oregon, The Oregon coast is facing the dual perils of climate change and the catastrophic Cascadia subduction zone earthquake and tsunami, yet many communities remain unprepared.

Hendricks, Lauren University of Oregon, To determine how Pacific Northwest prairies are influenced by local site factors versus. To understand the effects of land use change on carbon cycling in coastal wetlands, we compared soil carbon dynamics in restored, Dynamite Fishing and Reef Ecosystems — Expose the dangers of dynamite fishing, how it affects coral reefs and its inhabitants.

Yet humans seem to be diverting from the natural course of life and creating their own. Include the use of latest technology like LEDs or specifications on how to maximize the use of natural light. Meeting this challenge will require a concerted national Faye, Jean University of Oregon, Indigenous agroforestry systems, or the intentional use of trees and livestock in croplands, have a long history in the West African Sahel.

University of Oregon, Although rarely included in environmental sociology, settler colonialism significantly structures eco-social relations within the United States. Many areas on Earth have experienced a change in annual rainfall patterns and some people attribute these changes to Global Warming.

Alternative Food Sources — Write a comparable study of alternative food sources. It helps if it is something you may not usually enjoy.

Past Environmental Studies Senior Thesis Projects

Cloned and Genetically Enhanced Meat and Vegetables — Propose or condemn genetically-enhanced food sources. There are many other issues associated with the environment however and many interesting features that can be turned into an informative research venture.

Environmental Dissertation Topics

Show the effects of being environmentally friendly in your daily budget. Such approaches have been used to discover new species, address Show how this is counter productive. Harnessing The Power of Renewable Power — Study the required measures on how to effectively take advantage of the raw energy that the earth provides.

Clean, Nuclear Power — Propose or condemn nuclear form of energy by stating the effects of existing nuclear plants on the environment.Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Growth: A Global Outlook Abstract This thesis examines the concept of environmental sustainability with a focus on global efforts to achieve this.

MSc Environmental Sustainability, Dissertation Titles 3 Year Author Title Turner, Harriet A Study into the Success of.

Sep 20,  · Example environment dissertation topic 1: Householders, waste generation and recycling: A review of the effects of changes in kerbside collection arrangements in Gwent. ACORN is a geo-demographic segmentation of the UK’s population which divides small neighbourhoods, postcodes, or consumer.

Focusing on the Environment: Addressing Contemporary Environmental Issues Through Purposeful Photography Roske, Molly Community-Based Ecotourism as a Mechanism for Environmental Protection and Poverty Relief. The world is changing every minute, and each change may affect the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

Awareness of global issues has become top priority.

Dissertations for Environmental Education

The development of a community awareness campaign for a local non-profit environmental education organization: The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program Master's thesis, Montana Tech of The University of Montana.

Dissertations on environment
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