Dream beauty case study supply chain management

Additionally, the company should decentralize order processing in order increase efficiency and the speed of delivery.

The management believes that the rising costs may be due to additional sales, but they suspected that other factors could be on play, as well. Having a better location, with more shipping services around will allow to the company to reduce delivery costs and shipping times Bowersox et al, Maintaining this policy of three-day fulfillment cycle gives to the company and to the clients a given time to plan all the supply chain process.

It has its capital in Nevada and provides services to clients across the United States. For the Order Processing costs, the easiest way to reduce costs is establishing a minimum amount order.

Supply Chain Management at Dream Beauty Company

In relation to the proportion of the packaging costs, convenient stores account for the highest cost of package delivery among the three distribution channels.

Although it may not accord the company the benefits of differentiated services, it sets the industry benchmark and boosts the company outlook and customer service.

However, it contributes more than double the number of orders from the retail stores. Cities located in the central states of the U.

The three days are generally composed by half day of order processing, half day packaging, and half day of labeling and one and a half day of delivery. In addition, it is a motivational tool that enhances efficiency. Dream Beauty Company channels its products to the market via direct retail stores, mass merchants, and convenient stores.

This is because enhances logistics of the supply chain. The company heightened its attention to this area. In a time when costs in the area of supply chain have been increasing, the company management became concerned. Considering one pack per order for mass merchants, 2. It facilitates easy management of delivery service.

Direct retail sales account for 50 percent of sales, hence, contributes the highest profit considering that the three channels are relatively profitable. Last modified on Tuesday, 30 July These channels are independent each responsible for its income statement and balance sheet.

For, instance, the company received 3, orders in total. Making an ABC order to the cost per step we obtain in the first place the shipping cost and in the second place the order processing.

Analysis At the moment, order processing, packaging, labeling, and delivery are the components that make up the total supply chain- related costs.Dream Beauty Case Study Supply Chain Management Test Questions Sessions * What is a supply chain?

The interconnected businesses that convert raw materials into consumer products via the transfer of materials, information and cash. Supply Chain Management at Dream Beauty Company. The three-day fulfillment cycle, as the Dream Beauty Company manager says, is a standard in the industry.3/5(1).

Dream Beauty Company is currently faced with issues of cost in the area of supply chain which have been increasing within the 3 logistics channels they currently employ and this has become a concern to the company’s management.5/5(2).

View Notes - Case - Dream Beauty from IT 1 at S P Mahila College. Supply Chain Management at Dream Beauty Company Dream Beauty (DB) Company is a manufacturer of consumer beauty supplies and Find Study Resources33%(9). The management of Dream Beauty (DB) Company seeks to understand how different costs affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain company.

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Dream beauty case study supply chain management
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