Drush make overwrite a file

See the examples below for instances where drush make can be used within an existing Drupal site. You can check drush make overwrite a file any messages you want in the message array, but the most basic tests would just check the build hash.

Verify that the result you got was in fact what you expected. Recursion can be used to nest an install profile build in a Drupal site, easily build multiple install profiles on the same site, fetch library dependencies for a given module, or bundle a set of module and its dependencies together. Picks the latest release.

If further options need to be provided for a project, the project should be specified as the key. Project options version Specifies the version of the project to retrieve.

The URL can also be a path to a local file either using the bare path or the file: Note that it is recommended on use branch in combination with revision if relying on the.

Should be a valid URL query string. If this is set, it will have priority over tag, revision and branch options.

Subdirectories will be ignored. For Drush Make to recognize a makefile embedded within a project, the makefile itself must have the same name as the project. Each library should be specified as the key of an array of options in the libraries array. Generate Drush make has a primitive makefile generation capability.

Drush make your makefile, and use the --md5 option. Figure out what you want to test. Properties in the includer takes precedence over the includee. Specify common subdir of "contrib" defaults: Core version The make file always begins by specifying the core version of Drupal for which each package must be compatible.

The following methods are available: Additionally, if no url is specified, make defaults to use Drupal. To use it, simply change your directory to the Drupal installation from which you would like to generate the file, and run the following command: May be one of the following values: Project with no further options: Fetching modules, themes, and installation profiles, but also external libraries.

Build a full Drupal site with the Managing News install profile: Checking code out from SVN, git, and bzr repositories. By default, libraries are placed in the libraries directory. It does this by parsing a flat text file similar to a drupal.

The path may be absolute or relative to the makefile.While I am writing this, I thought of another alternative, which is to have DrushMakeProject::make() put a hidden file in the project top level dir, mint-body.com-make-toplevel or something like that, then make_move_build() can recursively scan directories until it reach a top-level one and move that one with the overwrite option.

This might. Drush is a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those who spend their working hours hacking away at the command prompt. - drush-ops/drush. gemma is able to overwrite Views belonging to chris, but the make command bails out from _drush_recursive_copy() because touch() returns FALSE on detecting gemma is not the file.

I am using drush make to update code base together with applying patches - so no-core option is required. And it doesn't work when called outside drupal root. And it doesn't work when called outside drupal root. Rename mint-body.com to update_drupal (or whatever, but it's not a text file) and make it executable or execute it with bash That's all!!

Login or register to post comments. Please use drush which now includes drush make (as of 5.x). Drush make does not turn modules on automatically: it only assembles Drupal directories -- it does not touch any database.

Usage The drush make command can be executed from a path within a Drupal codebase or independent of any Drupal sites entirely. Examples Build a Drupal site at .

Drush make overwrite a file
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