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The examination will Emory economics honors thesis oral and will cover the thesis. AcademicsHumanitiesResearchEmory CollegeCommencementLiberal ArtsPeopleScienceBiologyNeuroscience At Emory, the high caliber of resources of a national research university adds depth and rigor to the undergraduate liberal arts education.

She previously served as a labor educator and assistant professor at the University of Illinois and at the University of Minnesota before becoming the director of the School of Business at Brevard College.

Honors theses highlight undergraduate research

Merle Black, Asa G. Using data from provisional ballots from the elections from that were rejected due to insufficient identification, I examine the idea that voter identification statutes have a deterrent effect on turnout among minority populations, particularly African Americans.

Students must arrange to work with a faculty advisor before the beginning of their senior year. I find that Cicero, in contrast, recommends an educational plan with the goals Emory economics honors thesis political service firmly in mind.

I examined the impact of meditation alone versus the same meditation preceded by hypnotic relaxation procedures hypnotic meditation on the economic cooperative behavior of undergraduates.

Areas of Concentration Students are encouraged, although not required, to choose their economic electives Requirement D to fit one of the nine areas of concentration. My thesis focuses on how various musicians helped each genre develop particular apolitical and political identities during the s, the s and the s.

To him, the most attractive component of economics was the way it forced him to think about opportunity cost and the various cause—and—effect mechanisms that are applicable to everyday life.

Periasamy Selvaraj, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine Research: Students who wish to petition must have at least a 3. They generally include enrollment in a graduate seminar or graduate course, completion of a research project or paper that Emory economics honors thesis the equivalent of a BA or BS thesis, and additional supervised reading or enrollment in a special honors course.

Supreme Court decision to repeal part of the Voting Rights Act ofsome observers claim the opportunity for voter disenfranchisement has grown. If no appropriate graduate seminar is being offered at any time in the year, candidates may petition to substitute an undergradaute colloquium to be taken as History R "Special Studies.

The result is a final paper and an oral defense of their thesis to a faculty committee. Does the educated individual have an obligation to participate in politics? Twelve 12 hours of required honors-program courses included in the 40 hours of history courses History"Introduction to Historical Interpretation" is a required course of the History honors program.

Craig Hadley, associate professor of anthropology Research: Requirements vary slightly from department to department.

Eligibility History majors and joint majors with a 3. They also should give serious consideration to taking mathematics courses in real analysis and differential equations. Lisa Jordan to a five-year membership term as an at-large director. The result is a final paper and an oral defense of their thesis to a faculty committee.

Up to eight semester hours of credit earned at non-Emory overseas study programs may be counted toward the major requirements in Economics, mostly as level elective s. Michael Evenden, professor of theater studies Research: My ultimate goal is to use the knowledge about thoughts, emotions and language generated by neuroscience research to inform better educational and social policy.

Some individuals who experience trauma develop post-traumatic stress disorder, while others do not. Courses taken at another institution, before or after enrolling at Emory, will not count toward the major unless written permission is given by the director of undergraduate studies, even if the College has accepted credit for the courses.

Since credit for the graduate work and the reading program count toward the hours required for the major, the Honors Program usually entails an increase of about four hours of credit in the major requirement.

At most four semester hours of Economics R, Directed Reading in Economics, may be counted toward the major requirements in Economics. My thesis experience provided me an opportunity to begin a professional investigation into meditation and its effects on pro-social behavior.

Additionally, his love of sports and sports analysis fueled his devotion to pursuing a career in the sports industry. Within my sample of parents, HPV vaccination has more than just a biomedical identity; it intersects the realms of parenting, sexuality, gender roles, power, stigma and social inequality.

Between andthe most active, organized opposition to the American woman suffrage movement came from women, known as anti-suffragists. However, brain activation in the amygdala, a structure involved in emotional processing, suggests that they are also more avoidant when presented with negative stimuli.

I am hoping to continue the same avenue of research and study memory, language and cognition at the doctorate level, while also pursuing a JD degree.Welcome to Emory University's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation repository.

Programs > Emory College > Social Sciences > Economics. Sort by: author | title Honors Thesis Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Banerjee, Shomu Committee Members: Francis. May 02,  · Honors Thesis: "Education and Politics in Plato and Cicero" Adviser: Garth Tissol, professor of classics Research: My thesis explores the relationship between education and its political context in the works of Plato and Cicero.

Honors (cum laude) represents satisfactory completion of the program, with an overall average of High Honors (magna cum laude) represents completion of the program with outstanding performance, including an overall average of and a thesis of quality sufficient for oral presentation to scholars in the candidate's field.

Economics and are prerequisites for higher numbered courses in Economics and for admission to the undergraduate program in the Business School.

Economics must be completed before enrolling in Economics Business can substitute for Economics Generally, Economics 20l, 2l2, and are taken at Emory.

Honors Program Degree Description. If students wish to satisfy the senior writing requirement with their Honors thesis, they must enroll for 4 hours of either Math or CS The Honor Program Coordinator is Professor David Zureick-Brown.

Kristen Majors, Emory's Science Librarian, has created a Math & Computer Science Honors.

Economics Department

The Honors Program is a two-semester program. Students pursuing Honors in Philosophy can register for up to 3 credits of PHIL A during the first semester and up to 3 credits of PHIL B in the second semester.

Emory economics honors thesis
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