Essay is morality relative

Since your classmate and the Pentar have different judgments about this case, at least one of them must be wrong. If we really want to go after these issues in a rigorous way, it seems that we should adopt a different approach.

These participants were then asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the corresponding statement: Our aim was to actually manipulate the degree to which people considered alternative perspectives. This result seems strongly to suggest that people can be drawn under certain circumstances to a form of moral relativism.

Philosophers who think everyday morality is objective should examine the evidence, argues Joshua Knobe. There is just a single person, living in the United States, who is performing an act of infanticide, and participants are being asked to consider different judgments one might make about that very same act.

This idea could be applied to a situation if, for example, a young girl was raped, and her future would be better without a baby. And that is not all. They were interested in the relationship between belief in moral relativism and the personality trait openness to experience.

But a funny thing happened when people started taking these questions into the lab.

Relative and Absolute Morality

Absolute morality has no exceptions, it is not dependant on the situation and it will never change. They were asked to imagine that someone in the United States commits an act of infanticide.

This view can be applied to any life situation, and it is a view that will never change. So there we have it. So what about morality? In other words, there appears to be a developmental shift toward increasing relativism as children mature. For a nice example from recent research, consider a study by Adam Feltz and Edward Cokely.

In other words, should we say that morality is something objective or something relative? Ethics Explain the differences between absolute and relative morality Absolute morality is when someone has a view they are sure of. Participants in the other conditions received questions aimed at moving their thinking in a different direction.

And so it goes without question that this is an absolute rule. There is just one snag. There could be all sorts of different factors that lead people to open their minds in this way personality traits, cognitive dispositions, agebut regardless of the instigating factor, researchers seemed always to be finding the same basic effect.

What the results revealed was a systematic developmental difference. Yet, when participants are asked to consider individuals who come at the issue from wildly different perspectives, they end up concluding that these individuals could have opposite opinions without either of them being in any way wrong.

Participants in one condition got more or less the same sort of question used in earlier studies.

Specifically, our thought was that people might be drawn to relativism to the extent that they open their minds to alternative perspectives. Aborting the baby could be called the most kind and loving thing to do. Again and again, when researchers took up these questions experimentally, they did not end up confirming the traditional view.

The higher a participant was in openness to experience, the more likely that participant was to give a relativist answer. Since your classmate and the Mamilon have different judgments about this case, at least one of them must be wrong.

Then they were told to suppose that one person from their own college thought that this act was morally bad, while another thought that it was morally permissible.

This is relative morality. What they found was a quite surprising result. They were asked to imagine a race of extraterrestrial beings, the Pentars, who have no interest in friendship, love or happiness.

The answer here is in one way very complex and in another very simple. Then they were told to imagine that one of their classmates thought that the act of infanticide was morally bad, while someone from this Amazonian tribe thought that the act was morally permissible. Just in the past few years, experimental philosophers have been gathering a wealth of new data on these issues, and we now have at least the first glimmerings of a real empirical research program here.

Instead, the results consistently point to a more complex picture. I take it that it is part of current folk morality that convergence will or would occur.Relative morality is full of exceptions, and a large part of relative morality is depending on the ethics of the situation.

Absolute morality is supposedly truth to the individual, whereas relative morality is full of different opinions. Absolute morality tends to. Morality to be seen in a relative manner is objective as, in the whole, the views on the world are twisted to every individuals independent views on it.

This is what this statement explains and implies but there is a main argument that supports and a main one that is against the views one morality being relative. Relativism has to face objectivism about the status of morality.

The latter holds that moral judgement are truth or false in an absolute or universal sense. People are justified in accepting true moral judgement because they are based on objective facts.

So moral judgement is an evidence to any reasonable and well informed person. How Morality is Culturally Relative Essay example Words | 6 Pages. How Morality is Culturally Relative Abstract Within this world that we live in, there is an enormous amount of people.

Each of these people belongs to different cultures and societies. Every society has traits and customs that make it unique. Essay on Morality vs. Culture - Is morality Relative to culture. This argument’s foundation is the basic question on whether morality is relative to culture, or owns own desires.

The pros of this argument are that we get to establish whether. Is Morality Relative? Philosophers who think everyday morality is objective should examine the evidence, argues Joshua Knobe.

Imagine two people discussing a .

Essay is morality relative
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