Free primary education in kenya 2 essay

Government funded schools are divided into national, provincial and district levels.

Free primary education in Kenya

Timely release of funds. Private secondary schools in Kenya are generally high cost, offering students an alternative system of education with better or more luxurious facilities compared to public schools.

They are often favoured for prestige. At the end of secondary education, students sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. I addition to that, senior officials in the Ministry of Education, in Kenya have been accused of protecting corrupt headmasters suspected of embezzling funds because they are also indirectly benefiting from incentives that are being paid by parents, disgruntled senior education officials have revealed, UNESCO, Embezzlement of Funds and Corruption Embezzlement of funds is a core challenge.

Many families pay for extra tuition, which focuses heavily on drilling and exam preparation. This will ensure the teachers and students remain motivated to learn.

Education in Kenya

To achieve education for all EFA by 2. Early Childhood Education takes one year.

Increase numbers of teachers employed and increase their wages. Through the FPE policy, the NARC government scrutinized the current systems, which had previously been coupled with retention and reduced enrolment before it came to power.

The government should invest in building more classrooms to reduce the current congestion in the classrooms. Key concerns are access, retention, equity, quality and relevance and internal and external efficiencies within the education system Ministry Of Education Science and Technology, a, pp3.

Some government officials are corrupt and hence there is mismanagement or misallocation of funds that are allocated to them, UNESCO, Children whose mothers are educated, particularly beyond primary school, tend to have much higher rates of literacy and numeracy. Also teachers were not able to give adequate assignments to the pupils, as they could not cope with the marking and teaching workload UNESCO, Harambee schools do not receive full funding from the government and private schools are run by private organizations or individuals.

Since repetition was banned students still progress to the next grade even though they fail their examinations. The first class or year of primary school is known as Standard 1, the final year as Standard 8 and primary school children are known as pupils.

This has frustrated many teachers, put pressure and on parents financial burdens.On learning that primary education had once again become free in Kenya, Kimani Maruge, an uneducated farmer and the world's oldest person to enroll in primary school joined Kapkenduiywo primary school in Eldoret at the age of He was elected head boy at the age of 86 in Free Primary Education in Kenya Words | 9 Pages Introduction Since independence in, Kenya has had its share of the struggle to make it possible for its population attains education for all.

Lessons from Kenya’s introduction of free primary education Summary and policy-relevant findings In Kenya abolished all fees in state primary schools to encourage poor parents to send their children to school.

Research carried out in by the Centre for the Study of African Economies. The assessment of the free primary education in Kenya received funding support from UNESCO under the Japanese Funds-in-Trust for the Capacity-Building of Human Resources.

THE FREE PRIMARY EDUCATION POLICY IN KENYA INTRODUCTION According to the Kenyan government, education is “A long term objective to provide basic quality education to enhance Kenyans ability to preserve and utilize the environment for productive and sustainable livelihoods, to develop quality of the human race; to realize the universal.

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Free primary education in kenya 2 essay
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