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Make a list of the possible outcomes for example, RB represents the outcome red chip followed by blue chip and use your list to determine the probability that the two chips selected are the same color.

While arranging for the installation of three new milling machines, you have a question about the best placement positions for the machines and their loading robots.

Select the one best answer to each question. There are 16 possible outcomes. The next step the technician would take after collecting this data would be to A. Estimate the mean mathematics ACT score for all statistics students at this college. Find the sample proportion of students who cannot read up to grade level.

Both technicians are correct. Since the assembly bolts will go through without any problems, you remove the housings from the nonconforming material area and send them to the assembly department for use in the final product.

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Technician A says extrusion is used for prototyping new parts because of the ease of producing extrusion dies. If a second sample of employees is selected, what is the probability that for the second sample, the mean commute distance will be less than A bag contains four chips of which one is red, one is blue, one is green, and one is yellow.

For the given sample size, the margin of error should be smaller than stated. As the operator in charge of the CNC milling machine in a manufacturing cell, you decide to make — parts more than are called for by your production manager to avoid future delays.

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There is no correlation between the variables. As the supervisor of the assembly area in an electric motor manufacturing business, you notice that a group of motor housings has been rejected because of an oversized hole in the side of the housing.

A second chip is then selected at random. Only Technician B is correct. Mass production advantages include A. Your decision results in A. A chip is selected at random from the bag and then replaced in the bag. Using mechanically mounted inserts as cutting tools A.

The edges to be welded are 0. What is the probability of getting at least two tails? A researcher wishes to estimate the mean amount of money spent per month on food by households in a certain neighborhood.

Spinning would be a preferred process to produce parts such as A. If you toss the die 32 times, how many twos do you expect to see? A screw acts on molten plastic, pressurizing it and forcing it into a mold during A.Questions and Answers. 1, likes · 2 talking about this.

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