How to write a press release after an event

Follow these guidelines and your press release will shine just as much as your event! This should include name, position, email, and phone number. Send the press release out in a timely fashion.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

Lets us know with a comment below! Company boilerplate The boilerplate is a paragraph at the bottom of the press release which includes facts and information about the event organizer, partners and sponsors. It will be easier to summarize after you have the rest of your points down.

The headings if you look at the text above on this page are: Use more than one hyperlink per every words; otherwise, a search engine may view it as spam.

Info About Your Organization Why are you raising money? Proper names are preferred over he or she. Make your PR a cut above the rest. Make sure that when you pitch an event press release, the information can be published anytime.

Keep your press release within words. The goal of writing a press release is to pique interest and entice reporters to ask questions about your organization and event. Subheadline including any additional key information You can include a subheadline if there is a key information you want to highlight aside from what is already in the headline.

I, we, me, etc The email could be picked up by spam bots and flood your email. Make the article short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover all the necessary information about your event. Include up to 2 images to be imbedded in the release - these should be very relevant to the story.

Closing paragraph with call to action CTA The last paragraph should include a call-to-action CTA including the requirements to attend the event, details on entrance fees or passes and where to get them, website where they can get more information about the event and the phone number that they can call.

So keep your press release short, sweet and scannable, roughly one page in length.


Use the first paragraph to elaborate on the details of the event.Out off all the press release types we get, 'Event Press Releases', contain the most mistakes. Below you'll find directions on how to write an 'Event Press Releases'.

This is a basic 'Event Press Releases' layout that should be followed - no matter what the event is. Those are the nuts and bolts of writing a press release for an event. Now, let's look at the basic dos and don'ts of writing a press release for an event. Make your PR a cut above the rest.

Hubspot also has a good blog on the matter and even offers a recommended press release template. DOs.

Start out strong and succinct. Home Sample Press Release After Event Wmd Sample Press Release After Event - WMD Facebook; Twitter; Pin It; Yearly News and Press Release Archives. () () () Please visit our Press Center for the latest news, information and other resources.

called on at During this event. said for To learn more about, contact at. Press releases are helpful tools for connecting with your community, promoting your fundraising event and/or giving event sponsors more love and gratitude after a successful event.

In part 2 of our Press Release Series, we will cover 5 essentials to include in a press release publicizing special nonprofit fundraising events.

How To Write An Event Press Release + Free Template

One effective way to promote an event is to write a press release. In this guide, we’ll share tips on how to come up with a killer event press release that will generate buzz and excitement for your upcoming event. Below are sample event press releases you can download in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or as PDFs.

How to write a press release after an event
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