Iroquois theatre disaster

Tinder Box: The Iroquois Theatre Disaster 1903

Back on stage, as Foy continued urging calm, behind him, a theater employee opened the back stage doors into the alley behind the theater.

Justice demanded that someone or some persons had to be held accountable for the tragedy. Marshall, architect, would later say, "[t]he house was put up hastily, and some things were left undone that should not have been. There were only seats, but tickets were sold for others to stand during the play.

Many of the exits were either locked or covered by iron bars. In any event, the blame game reminds me of the Iroquois Theatre disaster, when a battle of public opinion was waged between the theater owners for not ensuring the building was complete and safe before opening for businesscontractors for not completing the ventilation system and fire escapesmanagement for locking exit routes and not providing adequate fire extinguishersarchitect for designing a grand promenade that resulted in a log-jam of patrons trying to exit and for disguising emergency exits so they looked prettier and the City of Chicago for an inadequate safety inspection.

The crowd pressed against the doors keeping them closed. Several of the Foy children had acting careers on television and film, as well as the legitimate stage. Early reports state that it was stopped by the trolley-wire that carried one of the acrobats over the stage, [14] [15] but later investigation showed that the curtain had been blocked by a light reflector which stuck out under the proscenium arch.

Noonan, and stage manager James E. The fire had not had a day to cool before relatives of those lost came looking for blood. A horse-drawn ambulance is filled with the bodies of victims. Curtains made with asbestos interwoven with wire create a strong and effective barrier against fire.

Exit doors opened inward, into the auditorium. And what more perfect entertainment for the afternoon than a matinee show at the theater? The syndicate that bankrolled its construction chose the location specifically to attract women on day trips from out of town who, it was thought, would be more comfortable attending a theater near the safe, police -patrolled Loop shopping district.

Many landed near the nets as the firemen tried to react to the large volume of falling bodies. Those who had abandoned their seats before then, searching for a way out, were gasping, their throats on fire, their hair and clothing singed or burning.

The Iroquois Theatre Disaster 1903

While a direct link to corruption was never proven in court, the indifference of city officials to known violations contributed to the fact that the theater received only a cursory safety inspection before opening to the public weeks earlier.

The ensuing court processions uncovered shocking details of negligence and corruption by theatre owners Will J. Even the two large flues on the rooftop where the smoke and flame could have vented out were boarded shut. Many were shutdown, leaving thousands of actors without work and sending them into poverty.

Running up to the stage, he saw the fire and found his 6 year-old boy, Bryan, in the wings. No one accepted responsibility. They recommended that the state charge these men with manslaughter for negligence.Iroquois Theater fire centennial books by Anthony Hatch's (Tinderbox) and Nat Brandt (Chicago Death Trap: the Iroquois Theater Fire of ) each offer a helpful overview of the fire that is a good starting point for learning about the disaster.4/5.

Feb 18,  · Video from WTTW - Chicago Tonight tells the story of the Iroquois Theatre Fire disaster on December 30, The Iroquois Theater Disaster Miss Cellania • Saturday, June 16, at AM • 1 On December 30th, between and 2, people, mostly mothers and children on holiday break, attended a performance of the comedy Mr.

Blubeard, starring Eddie Foy. The Iroquois Theater Disaster Killed Hundreds and Changed Fire Safety Forever Iroquois Theatre top gallery after the fire, Chicago, Illinois, (Chicago History Museum) But the Iroquois. A safety standard for theaters and public buildings rises from the ashes of the Iroquois Theater, where more than people were killed.

School was out for Christmas, so the Wednesday matinee. A fire in the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, Illinois, kills more than people on this day in It was the deadliest theater fire in U.S. In the aftermath of .

Iroquois theatre disaster
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