Language analysis devices you dont

The textbooks that existed for functional languages were typically written for computer science majors in post-secondary institutions.

But not yet, not if you want to prepare students to write the Advanced Placement exam in the next five years.

Witness rolling of eyes and rude gestures. Teachers need to be able to share resources and confer with one another around common resources and a common language. However, few high school teachers had either university or industry experience with computer programming.

It is ridiculous to force students to use a typewriter when they can harness the power of a computerized word processor. A structure that is simple by design and maintained by practice reinforces physical patterns that mimic and reflect logic as students learn the syntax of a programming language.

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For teaching and learning, one extraordinary resource has been the continued development of the Alice graphical 3D programming language, an almost unique advantage if later teaching and learning with Java or other OOP languages.

Flowcharting was used in the last century to visually represent the structure of a sequentially, procedurally structured program, today we use UML diagrams as per the Unified Modelling Language UML to visually plan and represent the structure, behaviour and architecture of OOP structured programs.

To date over 70 countries and economies have participated in PISA. We have learned more about the brain in the past decade than in all prior history because an MRI machine lets us observe the state of the brain while the subject remains conscious.

Many tools of a powerful IDE save the learner precious time and allow them to focus on higher order process because these tools use brute force to implement routine and laborious functions. It is necessary to learn one or another programming language to implement algorithms.

An invaluable side effect of auto formatting is that the resulting, well formatted code is easier to read and think with than the often ragged etchings left from frenetic coding sessions.

A great learning language should have broad and copious literature from theory to exemplars at multiple reading and comprehension levels. Further, languages exist in ecosystems of culture and artefacts that make them more or less relevant, accessible, and learnable.

Click on the pictures below to blow them up to see some of the many the posters on my lab walls. Refactoring is another feature that saves precious time.

In past decades Seymour Papert demonstrated that six year olds could learn to use and understand recursion through creating programs by directing a mechanical of a turtle. I began placing colourful and exciting posters on my walls, often from far flung museums that I visited when travelling overseas in the summer.All Your Root Checks Belong to Us: The Sad State of Root Detection.

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These languages are all OOP languages.

In / a learning language should go beyond the procedural processing of ’s BASIC and Pascal.

Language analysis devices you dont
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