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As the Leiningen essay started to enter the plantation the dam broke preventing the water to rush in and wipe out the ants.

Leiningen told his men he would return. Leiningen knew none of his workers would make the trip so he would have to do it himself. The Lyons Press, pp. When the ants reach his estate, Leiningen seals it by filling a moat that surrounds it on three sides, the fourth being a river.

He started the journey and was quickly covered with Leiningen Leiningen essay. This firm man stayed calm as the ants advanced toward him and his land.

He convinces his workers to stay and fight with him. He suddenly became unconscious for the first time in his life. Leiningen used his cool brain to calm his many workers. He eventually brings in by air enough garlic and butter to cook all the snails into escargot. He thought to himself he could not die like this and something outside him brought him to his feet and he began to stager forward again.

As he reached his destination ants covered his face and were under his clothes. That was not enough, the petrol ditch was filled but the ants still crossed. Leiningen was so determined to reach the dam he hardly felt the venomous bites. This is displayed throughout the story Leiningen Versus the Ants.

One of the key reasons that Leiningen is able to defeat the army of ants is his great leadership skill because with a great leader who everyone trusts in, the group or army will be united as one and work as one. He incorporated a horseshoe shaped ditch around his plantation. There are few leaders in todays society, or even in history, that would put their own life at risk nstead of the life of one of their men.

Stock footage from The Naked Jungle was used in the episode.

When one of there fellow workers had slacked off from his duties he was eaten alive by the ants. This determined man, to weak to walk, tripped over a rock and fell to the ground.

Leiningen could no longer see and knew if he stumbled he would be quickly eaten alive. Plot summary[ edit ] Leiningen, the owner of a plantation in the Brazilian rainforestis warned by the district commissioner that a Leiningen essay of ferocious and organised soldier ants is approaching and that he must flee.

However, this plan requires reaching the dam, long overrun by the ants. Leiningen is a man with great intelligence who is able to use his intelligence, along with leadership and confidence, to aid in his defeat of the vast army of ants.

Intelligence is more than Just having smarts; it is knowing how to apply those smarts to real-life situations. By believing that his precautions would be successful, Leiningen illustrates confidence not only in him, but also in his actions. Unlike his neighbours, Leiningen is not about to give up years of hard work and planning to "an act of God" as he believes in the superiority of the human brain.

Leiningen Versus the Ants

All people except Leiningen, who stood his ground as the ants quickly approached his plantation, feared them. He had built this plantation thinking that someday the ants may come.

Leiningen believed that he could defeat the ants, which gave Leiningen and his men confidence in every precaution, and action they were taking in he steps towards defeating the ants.

In little time the army of ants would be flooded and killed. He thought it might be possible to dam the great river completely, so that the water would not fill only the ditch but overflow into the circle of land which made the plantation.English Literature Essays - Leiningen Versus The Ants.

Allegory for War in Battle of the Ants by David Thoreau Essay example - Allegory for War in Leiningen essay of the Ants" by David Thoreau The reading journal that I chose was "Battle of the Ants" by David Thoreau. Throughout the ages, man has constantly been forced to battle with nature. “Leiningen versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson is about a landowner, Leiningen, in Brazil who is warned by a Brazilian official that an army, ten miles long and two miles wide, of ants is headed straight for.

"Leiningen Versus the Ants" by Carl Stephenson is a classic short story published in the December edition of Esquire. It is a translation, probably by Stephenson himself, of "Leiningens Kampf mit den Ameisen" which was originally published in German in Leiningen’s men show great obedience to Leiningen when they rush away from the ditch without details of his plan demonstrating that Leiningen is a reliable leader who they can trust.

Finally, Leiningen displays that he is a respected leader who will put his own life at risk to save those of his men.

Leiningen Versus The Ants

Free Essay: Leiningen Versus The Ants Would you risk your own life and the lives of another people just so you might have a chance at saving a coffee. Mikala Glidewell Mrs.

Winkler period 4 3 November, leiningen and the ants In the story Leiningen and the Ants, Leiningen has shown himself as a over.

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