Melting point of naphthalene

The remainder will be weighed and placed into a mL Erlenmeyer flask with 50 mL of water and several boiling stones.

What Is the Melting Point of Naphthalene?

These products are commercially sold in solution water or dry powder form. The Craig tube was then put into a centrifuge. When mixed with the water, the water turned a bright transparent blue color.

The hydrogenated naphthalenes tetrahydronaphthalene tetralin and decahydronaphthalene decalin are used as low-volatility solvents. From the s until the s, significant amounts of naphthalene were also produced from heavy petroleum fractions during petroleum refiningbut today petroleum-derived naphthalene represents only a minor component of naphthalene production.

The acetanilide crystals collected were set aside to dry for a week. Alkyl naphthalene sulfonate are surfactantsThe aminonaphthalenesulfonic acidsnaphthalenes substituted with amines and sulfonic acidsare intermediates in the preparation of many synthetic dyes.

Naphthalenesulfonic acids and sulfonates[ edit ] Many naphthalenesulfonic acids and sulfonates are useful.

Exposure to large amounts of naphthalene may cause confusionnauseavomitingdiarrheablood in the urineand jaundice yellow coloration of the skin due to dysfunction of the liver. Health effects[ edit ] Exposure to large amounts of naphthalene may damage or destroy red blood cellsmost commonly in people with the inherited condition known as glucosephosphate dehydrogenase G6PD deficiency[31] which over million people suffer from.

The single largest use of naphthalene is the industrial production of phthalic anhydridealthough more phthalic anhydride is made from o-xylene.

The solution should be boiled for another five minutes and this process can be repeated until the blue color is completely removed. The crystals recovered weighed 0. The original Erlenmeyer flask was rinsed with hot water to aid in transfering all of the mixture into the fluted filter.

Naphthalene is released into the environment upon burning organic materials, such as fossil fuels and wood. Many azo dyes are produced from naphthalene, and so is the insecticide 1-naphthyl-N-methylcarbamate carbaryl. The crystals are then to air-dry on a watch glass for several days.

Naphthalene is obtained from coal tar which is distilled in the temperature range of - C and is treated with a sodium hydroxide solution to remove phenols. Other sources and occurrences[ edit ] Aside from coal tar, trace amounts of naphthalene are produced by magnolias and certain species of deeras well as the Formosan subterranean termitepossibly produced by the termite as a repellant against "ants, poisonous fungi and nematode worms.

Other fumigant uses of naphthalene include use in soil as a fumigant pesticidein attic spaces to repel animals and insectsand in museum storage-drawers and cupboards to protect the contents from attack by insect pests.

The crystals recovered were weighed and the melting point of the impure trans-1,2-dibenzoylethylene and pure trans-1,2-dibenzoylethylene were determined using a Mel-Temp device.

Naphthalene is also used for moth repellents, fungicides, lubricants, explosives, wood preservatives, vermicides and hydronaphthalenes tetralin, decalin.

The of impure trans-1,2-dibenzoylethylene was a yellow powdery substance that when combing with the ethanol, changed the color of the liquid to a transparent yellow. The acetanilide mixture was then filtered via vacuum filtration and a Buchner funnel.

Freezing Point of Naphthalene Lab Answers

As a fumigant[ edit ] Naphthalene has been used as a household fumigant. Two melting point capillaries with samples of pure naphthalene will be tested with a Mel-Temp device to determine their melting point. The heat will then be taken away and 25 mL of cold water and about 2.Boiling point: °C Sublimation slowly at room temperature Melting point: 80°C Density: g/cm 3 Solubility in water, Some individuals may be more sensitive to the effect of naphthalene on blood cells.

Transport Emergency Card: TEC (R)S (solid); 41GF1-II+III (solid); 41S I. Purpose To determine the freezing point of a known substance, naphthalene II. Materials ringstand gas source test tube test tube clamps thermometer. Melting and Freezing point of Naphthalene Research Question 1.

What is the specific temperature for the melting point and freezing point of naphthalene? Background During the lab experiment, we are going to place the Naphthalene on the gauze mat which will be kept above the Bunsen burner using a retort stand.

Then the weights and melting points of the purified and impure samples will be determined using a Mel-Temp apparatus. The second part of the experiment is melting point determination. Two melting point capillaries with samples of pure naphthalene will be tested with a Mel-Temp device to determine their melting point.

Naphthalene | C10H8 | CID - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety.

Naphthalene is released into the environment upon burning organic materials, such as fossil fuels and wood. As such, naphthalene is a constituent of industrial and vehicle exhaust emissions due to its presence in coal and petroleum.

Melting point of naphthalene
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