Milestones in china and hong kong

All CT-2 networks were shut down and public CT-2 services were terminated. The outlook for the ratings is stable. The publication of the Plan was also for increasing the transparency of the supply of radio spectrum.

Rail Sistem

Total investment of the project amounts to RMB million. The outlook on the Company is stable, reflecting a solid financial position and promising operating prospect of the Company.

The government announced in July that Type II interconnection obligation at exchange level would be fully withdrawn by 30 June The TA has also decided to maintain the requirement for fixed operators to provide telephonic directory enquiry service to their subscribers.

Chan Wing Kin, Alfred, Mr. The increase in the stake shows that HKCG is confident in the prospect of the Company and at the same time the cooperation between the two companies will further be enhanced.

OFTA - Telecom Milestones

Licensing for third generation mobile service was completed in October with the award of licences to four successful bidders: The Group signed a sino foreign joint venture agreement with Jinan Gas Co. Zhang Keyu resigned as executive Directors whereas Mr. Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, one of the five wireless local fixed network licensees, launched its services in February.

The first BWA service network is commercially launched in November.

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited announced a plan in November to launch the high speed symmetric Mbps and Mbps residential broadband services.

All trial runs of trains between Hong Kong and mainland China have already been completed. Li Fujun and Mr.

Milestones in Hong Kong

On 11th Juneour first seeing eye dog trainer pupil sent overseas for training, Miss Imen Tam, returns from Taiwan after spending one year and a half learning from the Taiwan Guide Dog Association. On 5 November, Towngas China garnered two major awards: The expected total gas sales from the two projects in five years will be million cubic metres.

This submission assisted the government in inspecting the various rail systems such as the rolling stocksignalling systems and overhead lines.


Mobile phone subscribers exceeded 4 million in January.In Hong Kong, the fact that few people have come forward with accusations of sexual harassment, and muted public discourse around the subject, means the movement. Milestones. David & Linda Ting founded Globalluxe Limited, and establish the Hong Kong office.

China • Pacific Place Mall - Hong Kong • Elements Shopping Mall - Hong Kong. Globalluxe establishes the Shanghai office. Globalluxe and DVF participate in Hong Kong Luxury Week. Kate Spade store openings: • Sogo. Hong Kong International Computer Conference; Hong Kong ICT Awards Smart Business Award; Milestones.

Home / Milestones. s – Taking Roots. The Society raised a total fund of HK$, to build a computer museum in China. A Director of External Affairs (China) was officially appointed to focus on building. South China Morning Post won a record haul of 58 awards, including 16 prizes at The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, 10 at the Society of Publishers in Asia Editorial Awards, 12 at the Annual Human Rights Press Awards, 6 from the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association, 6 from the Society for News Design and 6 from the IFRA.

High-Speed Rail Service Between China and Hong Kong Reaches Milestone. Hong Kong – On 16 August the Secretary for Transport and Housing announced that the Hong Kong section of the high-speed rail service between Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong was found to be fully safe for passenger services after testing.

The Hong Kong Telecommunications Limited was restructured to four wholly-owned operating companies: Hong Kong Telephone Company Limited, Hong Kong Telecom International Limited (formerly Cable and Wireless (Hong Kong) Limited), Hong Kong Telecom CSL Limited and Computasia Limited. The first satellite of AsiaSat (AsiaSat .

Milestones in china and hong kong
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