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How can there ever be empirical evidence against existential statements? Speaking of Objects in the physical environment we know might conceivably end up discoursing of abstract objects as we do. Reference would seem now to become nonsense not just in radical translation, but at home.

There are only the stimulatory conditions that prompt assent to the ex- pression, and the expression itself is not true of anything.

We had been worrying whether scientific sense could be made of mentalistic idioms of propo- sitional attitudes, and now we seem unable even to negotiate the A-B-Cs of behavioristic psychology; we are stopped by the notion of a stimulus.

Before particular mastering the conceptual scheme of individuation and physical object, the child sees the uncut red apple, like tomato juice, simply as so much red exposure in the passing show, and, having no sense of physical identity, he sees the subsequently exposed white interior of the apple as irrelevant.

I have thus acknowledged inscrutability of reference without adopting a behavioristic view of language. Yet whatever we are really 4That one can become so convinced is, I think, crucial to the thesis of ontological relativity. I ask you whether person A is to the right or the left of person B. The mere fact that both look a t the same place is of course not sufficient to establish that they have received the same stimulation.

Any answer suffices that preserves stimulus meaning correctly predicts occasions of assent and dissent and affords a consistent interpretation of expressions that effect individuation and quantification. One OL consists of statements about persons and Recommended.

Only the second sentence, since it is not sensitive to such differences, is an obser- vation sentence for the whole community; the first sentence is an observation sentence only relative to that part of the com- munity whose members have the requisite past experience.

But even at this stage anything that we do succeed in naming is still an observable spatiotemporal object.

Ontological relativity, and other essays

If, as w i n e has argued in the first two sections of the essay, we can know the necessary and sufficient stimulatory conditions of every possible act of utterance, in a foreign language, and still REVIEWS not know how to determine what objects the speakers of that language believe in.

But we have a stubborn tendency to reify the unrepeated matter by positing an attribute, instead of just talking of words. Scientific realism is an answer to a question that apparently arises from beliefs similar to, though surely more sophisticated than, the following. But man is not the measure of truth if the primary link with reality is via sensory stimulations that prompt assent and dissent to observa- tion sentences.

They are explicitly stated, frequently relied on, but never defended. IV I will close with a general query.Ontological Relativity and Other Essays by W. V. Quine 19 and 25 of Word and Obfect, and other parts of the essay recur in that book in substance. For that reason I omitted "Speaking of Objects" from my recent collection The Ways as is.

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Ontological Relativity & Other Essays by Willard Van Orman Quine PDF

"Ontological Relativity & Other Essays" is a collection that recapitulates the major philosophical themes that have come to be known as Quinean philosophy. From the two dogmas of empiricism, ontological relativity, radical translation, holism, and indeterminacy of translation, all of these issues are themes in this collection of essays.

The essay "Ontological Relativity" is the most significant of the six essays in this short book bearing the same title.

Few ideas are as central to the contemporary pragmatist philosophy of science.5/5.

W. V. Quine. Ontological relativity and other essays

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The essay "Ontological Relativity" is the most significant of the six essays in this short book bearing the same title. Few ideas are as central to the contemporary pragmatist philosophy of science/5(5).

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Ontological relativity and other essay
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