Paper on philosophy of christian education

Any educational system that denies the Spiritual side of man is not concerned with the entire man and is doomed to failure. They need to do what is being taught to achieve understanding.

Education is important and teachers hold a serious position. Another way in which Christian educators can nurture our students is by practicing grace in the classroom. The subjection of the Christian school to the control of the state or of any other secular agency is, in effect, the subjection of the Christian homes and churches to secular domination.

He is the God of truth Ps. The Christian educator finds biblical warrant for a wide diversity of educational methods. However, we are also humans and sinners.

But of the knowledge which is eternal life it does not directly state. Students should graduate and not just leave with a diploma or a degree but with a better grasp on the world and the way they can impact it for the glory of God. If teachers would realize the opportunity they have, as I hope to do, to positively impact the young people they come in contact with everyday, maybe our students would improve in academics and in life and go on to be all that God has called them to be.

Remember, the undeniable reality of God is the premise of Christian education. No amount of carefully prepared educational materials, whatever their value as tools, can compensate for the lack of a carefully prepared teacher: It always has and always will.

A reverence for the God of truth compels a conscientious regard for accuracy in all areas of factual investigation and reporting.

In His teaching, Christ, the Master Teacher, used an amazing variety of methods and materials. God is the source of all truth, so why fear a question that arises from studying His truth?

Some faculties of the personality are capable of expansion and refinement into old age. No school that is careless concerning the Christlikeness of its teachers can be sure to fulfill the purpose of Christian education.

The position of the teacher is one of authority and service, and the two are intertwined. The Knowledge of God The whole body of Christian educational theory rests on the recognition that all truth is of God. There are students who are thinkers who learn by solving problems, writing essays, analyzing situations, recalling facts, and comprehending concepts.

Possessing the divine image, man reflects God not only in his moral, intellectual, and emotional capacities but also in his aesthetic sensibility, social inclinations, and other qualities of his personality.

The metaphysical presupposition of a philosophy of Christian education must define its ultimate reality as God Himself. Conclusion As Christian school educators we must constantly remind ourselves that our jobs are more than the means by which we earn our paychecks.

Without a regenerated, willing student, Christian education cannot carry out its purpose. As a teacher, I want to work to embrace my students as they are and lovingly push them to explore this world, life, faith, and things outside of themselves.

The ethos of Christian education must always have eternity foremost in mind. Also, the recognition of the gift of teaching by the New Testament Rom.

Philosophy of Christian Education

Responsibility In the Scriptures God has commanded two institutions to educate: This premise is however, never assumed to be above question. Academic subjects—whether in the humanities or in the natural sciences, whether general or strictly vocational—are studied not as ends in themselves but as means of improving the student as a servant of God.

How perfectly David must have understood that the education of the child of God must include both the knowledge of God and the preparation for exercising that knowledge in service. Philosophy of Christian Education While I was employed at a Christian school, I wrote a philosophy of Christian education for accreditation purposes.

I have found that students, who are given the opportunity to express their own opinions and gifts, and see that the teacher is truly interested, are more ready to learn and participate. Education From the moment a child is born, certain forces are at work influencing his development.

Man, however, prompted by Satan, chose to rebel against God Gen.

The Christian Philosophy of Education

The way I perform education comes from my philosophy on what education is and how it should be done. In the Garden of Eden, He used a tree to teach Adam.

Scripture is not afraid of the hard, academic questions, but many teach as if they must fear any questioning that arises outside of their established curriculum.

Where am I going? It is not meant to advocate for the installation of Christian values or philosophies in secular schools.

What is the worldviews that must be espoused in a Christian philosophy of education? This creation of man was instantaneous—by a direct act and not by an evolutionary process.Christian Philosophy of Education: free Philosophy sample to help you write excellent academic papers for high school, college, and university.

Check out our professional examples to inspire at Christian Philosophy of Education As we go through our day by day lives in a very secular world, PERSONAL EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Personal Education Philosophy Paper Byron C.

Sparrow University of Phoenix Personal Education Philosophy Paper Philosophy is crucial for educators when they are implementing the curriculum of the class they are. Philosophy of Education (Example #1) My personal goal for my future classroom is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential.

I want to take students at different levels and see them develop together for the. From a Christian philosophy of education, thoughts and actions can be derived, implemented, and defended. Under consideration in this paper on a Christian school's educational philosophy shall be the Biblical base, implications for the teaching-learning process of the school, the role of the educator, and the role of the learner.

May 04,  · My Personal Philosophy of Christian Education To be a teacher at any school, whether public or private, secular or Christian, is a daunting task.

As a teacher I am responsible for the educational well-being of every student that walks into my classroom. Convention Program Description: How are society and our schools influenced by ideologues? What makes some ideas/philosophies so pervasive that they inculcate our students’ thinking despite our attempts to teach a Christian worldview?

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We’ll review the “–isms” that have impacted our culture and discuss the foundations of a Christian philosophy of education.

Paper on philosophy of christian education
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