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Modules are often mounted in landscape which is perfectly acceptable. Second, motions to continue should, as a general rule, state the position of the opposing party.

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Thin film modules are typically smaller in area than crystalline solar modules. In these types of applications, solar arrays can be placed on above-ground ballasted concrete piers, an elegant solution when handled by a good technical team; that is, one that can balance technical needs with aesthetic and financial requirements.

Although agreement between the parties does not guarantee that a continuance will be granted, it is a factor that will be considered by the Administrative Law Judge. While this principle may seem self-evident, parties often fail to inform the Administrative Law Judge as to the specific reasons why they are requesting a continuance.

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The Office of Administrative Hearings calendar is very busy, and although the Office of Administrative Hearings endeavors to re-set cases as promptly as possible, thirty to forty-five day delays are not uncommon the average length of a first time continuance between April 1, and June 30, permit expediting services in az For example, solar projects in California which receive Time-of-Use payments from a utility company are usually compensated handsomely for energy produced during peak demand hours.

Fixed tilt solar arrays may often be the only solution for locating solar on certain impenetrable soil locations, such as landfills. A fixed tilt solar array often uses two or more modules in profile. If the motion is untimely filed less than 15 days prior to the hearingthe Administrative Law Judge must determine if good cause exists to excuse the untimely filing.

The burden to demonstrate good cause rests on the moving party. In this specific example the single axis tracker can be a financially sound investment. Parties and practitioners often neglect to address this threshold question, and as a result may have their motion to continue denied on this basis alone.

In the absence of such reasons, the Administrative Law Judge may conclude that good cause for continuance has not been shown, and deny the motion. The fact that the parties are in agreement that the hearing should be continued does not in and of itself constitute good cause, and parties should not assume that a stipulated motion will be granted.

Rwhich governs the filing of motions generally. Thus, the modules are mounted on a pair of mounting rails on the tracker system. Blue Oak is well versed in both the technologies and the economics behind these products. First, all motions to continue should be supported by specific details that support the request in some cases, it may be appropriate for a party to file an affidavit in support of the motion.

Thus, if the motion is filed close to the hearing date, and the Administrative Law Judge is not informed as to the position of the opposing party, the moving party may not receive a ruling until a date very close to the hearing date or at the hearing itself.

Third, parties requesting continuances should advise the Administrative Law Judge as to the amount of time they are requesting and, if at all possible, the dates on which they and their witnesses, if applicable are available for continued hearing.

Further, as a general rule, a party does not demonstrate good cause for continuance by merely stating that he or she will not be available on the scheduled hearing date.

Fourth, parties should always consider acceleration as an alternative to continuance. By accelerating a case, the parties are able to bring their dispute to hearing faster and thereby have that dispute resolved more expeditiously.We offer all of our services across over 40 international locations in 18 countries.

Contact us today. Public Laws. Bills and joint resolutions that have been enacted as public laws appear on this list.

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Permit Place Arizona permit expediting offers complete building permit expeditor and entitlement services for architects, wireless, restauranteurs, retailers, developers and owners throughout the State of Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson Areas.

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Centrally located in Phoenix, our Arizona offices offer local entitlement, zoning, land use, planning and permit expeditor services throughout the State of.

Permit Services Inc is a full service permit expediting company serving electrical, plumbing, roofing and general contractors in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Permit Services Inc is a full service permit expediting company serving electrical, plumbing, roofing and general contractors in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Permit expediting services in az
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