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Surely the stories recounted in myths, religious teachings, history books, and political speeches, for example, are manifestations of the ideas, beliefs, traditions, and proverbial sayings of such large folk groups as the Americans or the Japanese.

But when we examine it more closely, we see that its terms could just as easily apply to the Harry Potter novels as they could to the Iliad or the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Religion and Myth

And, indeed, the Journal of American Folklore routinely publishes articles and reviews books on myth, an indication that American folklorists, as a professional group, consider myth to be a subset of their discipline. For instance, belief in a deity is not essential to Buddhism.

Ancient Roots of a Modern Word So how is it that the word myth can be used by some to indicate sacred truth while others use it to indicate that which is false or dubious?

Widespread similarities between religious mythologies include the following: SU New York P, In his book Myths of Religion, he defends this terminology: Mythology The relationship between religion and myth[ edit ] The relationship between religion and myth depends on what definition of "myth" one uses.

Henry insisted that "Judeo-Christian revelation has nothing in common with the category of myth". However, there are a variety of myths, both written and oral, that are not subject to the kinds of taboos and traditions that would define them as sacred. The Formation of Folklore Studies.

For example, most students, when they hear the word myth think of the epics, poems, and plays of the Greeks and Romans. Oxford, UK and New York: The Iliad and The Odyssey. Oxford University Press, But, myth is not merely metaphysical truth dressed up in the outlandish clothing of fiction.

For example, some stories could only be told at night, others could only be uttered during the season between the first killing frost of autumn and the first lightening bolt of spring. The Dynamics of Folklore.

Nevertheless, an occasional few escape the cave and, through a long, difficult intellectual journey, discover the true nature of reality and attain a sort of mystical union with ultimate Goodness. Yet, as is true of any craft, sport, or branch of learning, genuine expertise comes with repeated practice.

We learn, through the course of seven novels, how Hogwarts was founded and how its customs and hierarchy was established a mini-version of cultural origins.

While the Potter series has certainly inspired movies and some graphic art, it seems unlikely we will see art inspired by the series hanging in the Louvre, Tate, or Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. This belief also stems from ancient mythology that predates Christianity by thousands of years such as in Babylon, where its priests taught about the trinity of gods—Baal, Ashtoreth and Tammuz—as coequal gods in one divine being.

Therefore, we have myths in science, in philosophy, psychology and religion — which is the topic special emphasis will be placed on today.

So, let us add to our working definition that myths are serious, universal, timeless, and inspire secondary artistic productions. An example of similar creation myths that predated the above religions include the Sumerian belief of the world being created by Nippur, Enki and Enlil from nothingness.

It should be obvious by now that there is no simple answer to this question. The Politics of Myth: Essay Topics and Ideas Myths are a part of the human cultural fabric due to their place through the years in helping man understand his environment as well as his place in it.

According to Schwartz, the Jewish people continue to elaborate on, and compose additions to, their traditional mythology. Our class defines myth as culturally significant works of the creative imagination that frequently feature 1 dramatizations of metaphysical speculation; 2 accounts of cultural and cosmic origins and conclusions; 3 exemplars of individual and collective virtues; and 4 depictions of cultural values, beliefs, and rituals.

What person of conscience has not sought to make up for past wrong doing through acts of penance? U Chicago P, Like metaphors, the secondary meanings of allegories are implied rather than explicitly stated and therefore appeal first to the imagination and only secondarily to the reason.

Proponents of these religion believe that the earth and its surrounding environment were called out of nothing by a supreme being but this belief system which was also orally passed down has been explored by even older religions and their myths.

While parables and fables are relatively brief and impart a single, definite moral or teaching, allegories may be quite extensive and communicate a number of moral lessons.Religious news: An essays donated by Susan Humphreys Good stories: myth and reality in the Bible.

Religion and mythology

This essay contains the personal beliefs of a visitor to this web site. It is critical of fundamentalist and other evangelical Christians. Related Documents: A2 Religious Language - Myth Essay Rapid Religious Language Essay Rapid Religious Language This summary sheet outlines a few key ways to approach religious language that might suggest there is meaning in it.

Essays & Papers Religion and Myth - Paper Example Religion and Myth A biblical myth is defined by Burrows, () as a symbolic, approximate expression of truth which the human mind cannot perceive sharply and completely, but can only glimpse vaguely, and therefore cannot adequately express.

Powerful Essays words | ( pages) | The liberties provided under the Constitution allow individuals to practice their religious beliefs openly and without judgment.

These beliefs provide guidance and structure in the lives of these individuals. - When this word “myth” is used, the term is usually related to a fable, invention. When this word “myth” is used, the term is usually related to a fable, invention or a fiction story. Over the years, many scholars started approaching the study of myth differently.

These scholars have approach myths in a way their meaning was traditionally regarded. In many traditions these. Drawing on the insights of Jungian or analytical psychology, Dr. Wright offers depth psychological analysis of our contemporary religious and political dilemmas, as well as invites readers to be midwives for the emerging religious myth that many believe to be on our collective horizon -- a myth that will be more inclusive, intellectually and scientifically honest, and soul satisfying.

Religious myth essays
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