Shortening school days essay example

Abbreviations Avoid using abbreviations in the title of a paper. Submit School should have shorter! But these important activities are often squeezed out by time in school and with homework.

In the example below, the juicy part of the quotation is in purple. People with this amount of time to work — six hours — will have ample time to get their jobs done.

The school day is primarily seven hours long. Sleep is vital to your well-being, as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. Although academic work is vital, these extra-curricular activities are also significant for students because they teach responsibility and teamwork.

Also, some jobs do not require work to be done after work hours. Many people could say that since work hours are long, that school hours should be long as well. With the money saved schools can upgrade books, classrooms, and sports equipment.

Many cases of sleep deprivation happen when children hit high school.

Shorter school days Essay

Many parents do not want to pay for child care because if they can get it for free why pay or they simply do not have the money. In fact, most colleges require a wide variety of activities for incoming freshman students. Browse other questions tagged writing writing-style abstract or ask your own question.

Almost every student has homework every night. You start to get cranky and start yelling at us students sometimes. This is not fair and not healthy for a society built on equality and freedom.

In order to maintain the 4-day school weeks they will study harder because they will want to prove to you that, by giving them a four day school week, you have inspired them to do better. Thirty minutes, even a full hour, for lunch, is not a sufficient amount of time for a 21st-century adult.

This is the case with most people living in first-world and even developing countries. With the Federal regulation of the six-hour workday and the two-hour lunch break, all working Americans would have the same equal rights and be void of oppressive working conditions.

In fact, most colleges require a wide variety of activities for incoming freshman students. Acronyms, which are related, use the first letter in each word of a phrase as a stand-in to shorten the phrase. Most of the time extracurricular activities can make people tired.

Less time in school could allow students the freedom to discover other interests that are fulfilling and stimulating. These three examples would be good reasons to let students have shorter school days. They are forced to sit in a chair for a certain amount of time and to quietly complete assignments.

However, there are alternatives and other possibilities. An extracurricular activity takes a lot of time out of the afternoon. This would allow the extra time to sleep yet still enough time for the classes and after school activities.

Fewer school hours per day would permit students to have enough time to study, complete school assignments, participate in after-school activities and be able to get to bed by a decent hour.

The two-hour lunch break would be beneficial for the economy. Long school hours put much pressure on students. Shortening a title in your text.

Why School Should Be Shortened

If about ten minutes were cut from each class, the time would add up. Such as a four day school week may cause problems for families that need day care or child care services.Shorter School Days Teachers, have you ever wonder actually how much homework some of you give students?

- Shorter school days introduction?? Essays & Papers Shorter school days - Paper Example. An author by the name Rachel D. says: By shortening the school days, students wouldn’t be as distressed about going to school and their. Home > Opinions > Education > Should school hours be shorter?

Add a New Topic. For example my school starts at in the morning and ends at in the evening. No shorter days. School is where you meet your friends and play with them at recesses and you learn how to do stuff but if school was shorter you wouldn't meet as many.

Shortening of the school day is a topic that has been discussed recently within legislative bodies, due at least in part to growing financial concerns. those advantages might be offset by a reduction in instructional time and the possibility of attending school more days of the year.

For example, the amount of time devoted to set up and. My School Days Essay My Day - Personal Narrative Essay My Day - Personal Narrative It is said that is the number of the beast.

Sample Essay Outlines Shortening the school year would also provide many benefits for parents and caregivers. Caregivers would have more balance in their lives with fewer days in the school year. Conclusion. Conclude the essay with an overview of the main argument, and highlight the importance of your evidence and conclusion.

Persuasive Essay 4 Day School Week.

Proposal Essay Example

Trieber 4-Day-School-Week: Less is not always more Problems occur when policy makers tend to make changes when they don’t need to be made. The public school system has many ways that it can improve but changing the time frame of the original school week from five to four days will not solve all the issues, instead, it will create newer unforeseen problems.

Shortening school days essay example
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