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Why is it necessary for corrections officers to sign incident reports? Mark your answers only in the prescribed manner. Divide the answer by 60 minutes in an hourthen by 60 seconds in a minute.

Despite the vulnerable conditions of the stricken inmate, facility administrators must designate knowledgeable and well-equipped escorts to competent hospitals or other approved destinations outside of the facility.

Correctional Officer Test

What is most likely to occur after the gathering of these people in the painting? Although Choices A and C are words found in the dictionary, these do not describe the effects of delivering substandard service. Section 3- Career Specific Aptitude In what facilities are persons convicted of terrorism commonly incarcerated?

Which unit must be informed first-hand? This is only the time among the choices when daylight can shine as brightly in a tropical-like setting. Meanwhile, B is not a word. Choices A and B do not pose a threat to the safety of others and are, therefore, not the correct answer.

What is the basic rule for corrections officers on the matter of handling journalists, who wish to conduct an ambush interview on the general state of the facility and conditions of inmates?

The building is shown with a priest and an acolyte at the altar, with the clergyman saying Mass. The logical story, which begins with Officer KJI finding out that Inmate 84 is sick, is followed by Inmate 84 being transported to an accredited hospital after the in-house medical team has attended to him.

Choices B and C are outright ridiculous. Choice D may be true of a cell extraction and applicable in reality, but nowhere in the passage is it mentioned or implied. The lead element is holding a short firearm and pointing it toward an object or an anticipated target in front of him.

Be at the testing site at least an hour early. In what situation are physical restraints permitted to be used on an inmate? There is no sign of wind, overcast skies, and heavy rains that characterize Choices A, B, and D. Clerical What is the most logically sequenced among the records that are supposedly filed according to booking number?

Observational- Image 2 Which phrase best describes the weather conditions during the operation? Start with the items that you have found challenging. Where is the scene set? Choices B and C should not be confused with the possessive noun, their, a homonym.

Where does the scene take place? The word, strictly, limits the choice. Examples in this regard include: Protect your answer sheet from stray eyes. What is the present occupancy rate of a bed facility that only has inmates booked? Rather, these could be bags of drugs, contraband, or other objects that are not permitted in the facility.

What should the team members watch out for? Reading Comprehension- Passage 3 One morning, an inmate reports that his roommate is suffering from symptoms of chicken pox.

The phrases forced resignation and wrongfully terminating indicates that there are grounds to sanction the facility director, and reasons to accuse him of unceremoniously and illegally dismissing Officer Penrose-Smith.

There are no bodies of water present, which invalidates Choice A. Terrorism is a federal offense, and persons convicted of carrying out acts of terror are commonly incarcerated in federal prisons. It is not shown in the picture whether or not any of the team members carry a GPS device.

Most of the men are mounted in horses, gathered in a military-like formation, and wield arms. Choices A, B, and C are obvious distracting questions.Practice Test and Application Overview. The Correctional Officer Exam is an important step for individuals who wish to be hired or advance to a higher level within the U.S.

system of corrections. Get started studying with our free Corrections Officer practice test questions.

These questions will help you increase your Corrections Officer test score. Test Corrections and Reflection Student Name: _____ Current Test Grade: _____ Test corrections were completed on (date): _____ Use the chart below to complete your test corrections and reflection.

The following choices can be used as your reflection.

Sample Correctional Officer Pre-Employment Test Questions

Best Procedure for Test Corrections This structure for test corrections has been incredibly effective for me in EVERY secondary math class I have taught, from basic middle school math to Honors Algebra 2. to provide students with the opportunity to learn the concepts after the test that they did not master before it, for they will come up again (next test, EOCT, GHSGT) Explanation: Test corrections are one way for students to improve their overall test grade by earning credit for problems they may have missed on a.

As a Corrections Test Center Administrator, you can: Create and manage accounts for testers in GED Managerâ„¢. See info on how to get access to GED Managerâ„¢.

Test corrections
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